The View, Rape, Blackface, & More Liberal Hypocrisy

The below videos are more examples of liberal hypocrisy. Joy Bahar was caught with Blackface. Whoopi Goldberg claimed Roman Polanski having sex with a minor was not "rape rape". Yet both of these women are still enjoying careers as hosts.

Had conservative hosts said anything remotely as controversial as these statements, it's not unimaginable that they would be terminated. Possibly even after they apologized and pleaded for forgiveness.

Beyond exposing the hypocrisy of the left, the fact that these women still have jobs reveals the left's fake championing of women and minorities. The left doesn't actually care about the well being of women and minorities. They only use political correctness as weapons against their opponents. The left conveniently uses identity politics to attack their foes and disregards them to protect their allies.

The left are not defenders of women and minorities. They are shameless, conniving, deviants. Exalting their agenda above all honesty, fairness, and integrity.